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MBA Benefits For Students – Is a Master of Business Administration Worth It?

New Ideas, New Networks Are Among MBA’s Benefits

5-Benefits-of-Smaller-ClassesYou have decided enough is enough. You’re at one of two phases in your career.  Stage one, you’ve just started out – a couple of years in the business world– but already find yourself bored. Yes, tired in the position you just started. You’re ambitious and realize that you can get ahead if you play your cards right.

At stage two you need to get the spark back. You’ve completely lost interest which is extremely disappointing. You need something to remind yourself why you enjoy your career. Something to recharge the brain cells and get you motivated. Are you ready to earn an MBA?

Should I Get an MBA?

Should I Get a MBA?
One of the numerous paths considered to get the interest back is going back to school. You have earned a Bachelor’s and did have fun working it. There was a diverse student body connected by the internet which really opened the mind. The professors had real-world experiences and a vast network that could easily be tapped.
A great rationale for going back to school is the support your company has for those interested in pursuing their education.  Many companies have tuition reimbursement plans and career paths for those with advanced degrees. Sometimes upper mobility, especially in certain fields, requires a Master’s degree so for many, it is not an option but a necessity.

The Intangibles

mba school Intangibles
It is generally agreed that people skills are paramount in a leader. A majority of us can be trained quite easily on the technical skills required to do the job but ensuring a drama free environment is a challenge.
A MBA program concentrates not only on the financial skills but the people skills as well.  A number of American leaders believe leadership skills are far more critical in the hiring process than any technical knowledge.

Maybe It’s Personal

personal reasons to get an mba degree
The answer to why get an MBA is as diverse as the students. Many enroll in an MBA school because they are tired of the effort they place on building someone else’s business.
Young professionals often use the corporate setting as a training period to learn the skills necessary to operate their own business. Perhaps they are creating the startup part-time while working full time.
For the mature student, it could be a desire to satisfy a passion long forgotten. They have a sense that with an MBA they will be better suited to start off on their own. They certainly believe their experience will lead to a successful company.

Out of the Comfort Zone

conference classroom speaking
A tremendous benefit of earning an MBA is that students are given the opportunity to learn outside of the business environment. Sometimes it feels like everyone has a fear of public speaking. Doing presentations in the classroom with an honest, constructive review make the challenge of live presentations in front of management less threatening.

An Opportunity to Pursue a Different Career Path

An Opportunity to Pursue a Different Career Path
There is an adage in business which says, “If you’re doing it the same way you did it five years ago, you’re doing it wrong.” Should you prefer the corporate setting, earning an MBA allows you to follow career paths that otherwise would not be opened. In addition, it certainly keeps one current on the latest technologies in the business world.
Many professionals find themselves at the peak of the salary scale for their current position. The only way to move up is to achieve an MBA which is a definite commitment.
At the very least, one of the benefits of an MBA is that the study exposes the student to a team environment requiring an understanding of departmental relationships. Through this approach, a student may determine a career path better suited to his personality.
For the future corporate GM, the MBA shows his dedication while spotlighting successes and failures.

Keep Up To Date with Industry Leaders

Keep Up To Date with Industry Leaders
One of the largest benefits with the MBA is the tremendous network you have established. The connection can indeed prove to be invaluable as you determine what your next move will be. Breaking through a glass ceiling or pursuing a new career can be dependent upon the individuals you have met through school.

The Financial Rewards

The Financial Rewards
A tremendous financial reward is achieved by earning the MBA. According to, those with an MBA degree have an average salary of $78K. However, you should get an MBA only if you are willing to make the commitment both time-wise and financially.

MBA Benefits

MBA Benefits
Earning an MBA is not for the faint of heart. It requires a serious time and financial commitment. For those willing to take the challenge on the rewards are outstanding. Consider the following benefits of earning an MBA:

  • Obtaining the necessary knowledge to start your own business.
  • Learning the intangible communication skills leadership requires.
  • Conquering the fears that hold you back by gaining confidence in the classroom.
  • Working with a diverse team with ideas you would not have considered.
  • Building and improving your network through the MBA program.
  • The ability to move up or pursue a different career path.
  • Financial gain

The Fremont University, non-GMAT MBA, gives the student the opportunity to pursue an MBA concentrating on the people skills which separate managers from leaders.  Considering the ease of enrollment and the benefits, achieving the MBA through Fremont University may be the answer to reigniting your business focus.
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