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Tips To Improve Your AdWords Score

adwordsIf you are a digital marketer who is confused by the connection between AdWords and Quality Score assigned by Google, you are not alone.  Many companies are trying to decipher the best way to improve their Quality Score and may not understand the factors that impact this number.  It is important to understand exactly how Google calculates these scores so that you can maximize your presence on the Web.

What Is Quality Score?

The Google Quality Score is given to advertisers who give the best experience to those who land on their pages from keyword searches.  In a nutshell, it is designed to reward great web pages, not just ad spending.  If those who find their way to your website experience positive results, your Quality Score climbs.  On the other hand, if your visitors are unimpressed with their results, your score drops.

How Is Quality Score Determined?

Quality Scores change every time someone visits you, so it is important to keep your website browsers happy.  There are three factors that Google combines to calculate your Quality Score:

  • Click-Through Rate or CTR – the rate at which your visitors click through to pages of your website
  • Ad relevance – How appropriate your landing page is given the initial search query
  • Landing Page – How professional and helpful the page is on which the searcher lands

Google combines these factors to issue your Quality Score, and your numbers can go up or down quickly based on your performance.

What Can I Do To Improve My Quality Score?

As a business owner, you have several powerful strategies available to you when it comes to raising your Quality Score.  You should always:

  • Target small ad groups with your advertising. In order to increase landing page relevancy, it is important not to use a “shotgun” approach.  Instead, market specific keywords to tight, targeted groups.  Be sure not to forget negative keywords, as well.
  • Copy is important. Ad copy must be written with your specific keywords in mind.  This not only increases your Quality Score but attracts your customers, as well.
  • Tailor your landing pages. Be sure that your landing pages are designed to immediately generate interest based on your keywords.  You should never have unrelated keywords leading to a landing page.
  • Keep page loading times short. Longer loading time can negatively affect your quality score, so be sure that you use Webmaster Tools or Page Speed to check each of your landing pages.  Slow or multiple redirects, a slow server or too-large pages can cripple your load speeds.

By paying attention to these factors, you can quickly increase your Quality Score and ultimately drive more traffic to your website and your business!
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