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Choosing a Professional Email Address

For both small and large businesses, having a professional email is critical.  The right email address builds confidence in the company and signifies to customers that this business is trustworthy.  With a record number of email scams floating around the Internet, investing in the right email address can be the

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business startup

Top Reasons Why Startups Succeed

While there are thousands of startups, on average, 9 out of 10 startups will fail. That is not what you want to do as a business owner, otherwise you would not be reading this article. We have gathered the top reasons why startups succeed to help guide your towards success: Vision The first step to success is

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What is a Real Estate Paralegal

There are many different areas within the field of law that utilize the skills of a paralegal. The area of real estate law is no different. Like other specialized paralegals, those in the field of real estate law have extensive knowledge of the ins and outs of real estate. These professionals have specialized

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What is a Nurse Paralegal?

A Nurse paralegal is an individual who is experienced in both the medical field and law. The career options for nurse paralegals are plentiful because of their knowledge in both domains. The additional skills needed also mean a higher earning potential. Training People typically start off as either nurses or

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Tips To Improve Your AdWords Score

If you are a digital marketer who is confused by the connection between AdWords and Quality Score assigned by Google, you are not alone.  Many companies are trying to decipher the best way to improve their Quality Score and may not understand the factors that impact this number.  It is important to understand

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Just as there are many types of attorneys, so too are there many types of paralegal jobs. As in any career, some jobs pay more than others. As a professional, you will likely want to to know the highest paralegal salary.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average estimated salary across the country for

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How Do I Become a Law Clerk?

A law clerk is typically an attorney who works for a judge in either the municipal, state, or federal court systems. These individuals perform a variety of tasks for judges, including: Drafting memoranda and opinions Conducting legal research Verify legal citations Attend hearings Prepare files for

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How To Choose a Legal Career

Throughout the life of a typical American, many important decisions must be made. One of these big decisions involves what type of career to pursue. With so many options in the modern era, it can be difficult to choose which type of career is best for you. If you are someone who enjoys problem-solving, intellectual

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When discussing future career options physical therapy and sports medicine are frequently misunderstood as the same thing.  While they are similar disciplines in that they both focus on healing injuries, there are distinct differences.  Both have become popular choices and rightly so.  A number of professionals

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sports physical therapy education

In modern-day America, one of the biggest sources of entertainment is sports. From children who sign up for soccer at age 5 to the 40+ year old quarterback of a football team, the majority of Americans are involved in sports at some point in their life. However, sports involve physical exertion by definition, which,

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