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Marketing Career Opportunities: 9 Common Types of Marketing Jobs

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How to Start a Marketing Firm

The dream of starting and running a successful marketing firm may seem like an elusive one. It’s a venture that might seem intimidating in the beginning. But, with the right strategy and approach, you could run a successful marketing firm, which not only helps other mature and startup businesses build their brands but also serves […]
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Top 8 Graphic Design Jobs

You’d be surprised how graphic design relates to multiple fields. Click here to schedule a free mentor session and learn more. There are a number of different career opportunities for a graphic designer to pursue.  As a graphic designer, you might need to create visual concepts, using computer software or by hand, to communicate ideas […]
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Choosing a Physical Therapy School

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Criminal Justice Degree Vs. Paralegal Degree – What’s The Difference?

If you have ever thought about entering the law field there are a few career choices that have likely come to mind.  A career in Criminal Justice, as a paralegal, or maybe a legal assistant, are all educational paths you may be considering.  If you want to make the right decision before committing to an […]
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When Is Google’s Birthday?

If you have ever sat in front of a computer, it’s more than likely you have made your way over to google.com. And for our Digital Marketing school, it is almost certain that our students have spent countless hours on the Google search engine results page (SERPs). If you’ve ever researched your favorite musician, actor, […]
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11 Tips on Creating eBay Success

Do you have a product or creation that you’re trying to sell, but just can’t afford a storefront? Looking for a simple and inexpensive way to sell your goods to a huge audience. Look no further than Ebay! Up to 100 individual listings each month are free, over 90 million people use it, and they spend about $2,000 every second, enough to support many small businesses!
Convinced Ebay is for you? Here are 8 tips to keep in mind.
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GPA Effects on College Admissions – What Requirements Do Students Need To Know?

Have you ever wondered how a college might look at grades from different high schools during the college admissions process?  Are there typical GPA requirements for college admissions? How does an institution translate a 4.3 to a letter grade?  Not to complicate the matter further, but how does a school look at grades that are […]
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Are Court Reporter Careers Worth Pursuing?

For those considering a legal career as a court reporter, there are a number of considerations you may need to make.  If you’ve been asking yourself, “is court reporting right for me,” you have found the right place.  A career in the legal field can be an exciting and lucrative one for the right person.  […]
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Legal Assistant Salary

Are you thinking about pursuing a career in the legal field? If a career as a paralegal or legal assistant sounds appealing, you might consider a specialized education that can help you get the training you need to pursue a new career. Legal assistants might work in a fast-paced environment and may need to work […]
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